Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Link to Promising Practices Keynote

Here is a link to the keynote address from the conference in November 2014.  Feel free to review it as you write up your Blog Post on the event.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dispositions Form for your SL Teacher

Please email your teacher with this link and ask them to fill out this form for you…. you should absolutely go look at it yourself before sending it in order to understand more about this assessment.

Here is a sample email you could send to your teacher asking him/her to fill this out.

Dear XXX,

Thank you so much for hosting me in your classroom this semester.  I learned a lot and enjoyed the opportunity to work with xxxx.  

As a requirement for my education program at RIC, I am asking you to please submit this very short form assessing me and my dispositions.
It is just 8 questions, and should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.  You will need the following information about me in order to fill it out:

Name:  Jane Doe
ID #: xxxxxxx
Program/Major:  History/Secondary (go look at the list to find your correct one - YDEV should select OTHER)

Thank you for submitting this on my behalf.  It needs to be posted no later than Dec. 20, 2014 in order for me to complete my FNED 346 course, so please submit this as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact me at the numbers below.


Jane Doe
Cell phone

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Google Doc on Brown v. Board

In class today, we will be working on building our collective knowledge of Brown vs. Board of Education.  In class, I will ask you to click on this link and work collaboratively.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Reading" for Brown v. Board of Education

Hope you had a fun Halloween, and enjoyed the Promising Practices conference in spite of the early morning!! Looking forward to hearing how it went for you...

The readings for this week are not exactly readings, but things to check out online. This week marks a shift in the syllabus. Up until this point, we have been reading about broad theories about diversity and difference including the Culture of Power and issues of White Privilege. Now we are going to start to look at historical moments where these topics came into view in our schools.

Our topic this week is about Brown vs. Board of Education (1954), the historical supreme court decision that made the segregation of public schools unconstitutional.

You have FOUR tasks for this week:

1) I want you to explore this website to give you some background on Brown v. Board of Education. We will be using this in class to build a Google Doc reference sheet together, so take a lot of notes so that you feel well prepared to teach others about this court case.

2) Then I want you to watch these two videos that highlight the work of Tim Wise, author of "Between Barack and a Hard Place." Take notes while you watch so that you can refer to specific quote in your blog post and in class. What does Wise have to do with Brown v. Board of Education?

3) Read this very short article from March 2011 New York Times.
How do the issues that Bob Herbert raises shape how you think about Brown v. Board of Education?

4) Now blog about it.
What is the relationship between the historical issues you see in the website on Brown v. Board of Education and the contemporary issues of race that Bob Herbert and Tim Wise raise here?

Leave comments if you have any questions...
LB :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

SL Project Groups

Mike (Johnson)
Anthony (Collier)
Cindy (Collier)
Branden (Collier)

Essence (Johnson)
Erika (August)
Nathali (Delpit)
Emily (Collier)

Chanel (Kahne and Westheimer)

Megan (Johnson)
Lindsey L (Delpit)
Jessica (Rodriguez)
Karissa (Delpit) 
Lindsey D (Delpit)

Alyssa (Collier)
Gianna (Delpit)

Shannon (Delpit)
Dennis (Johnson)
Ashley (August?)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Homework for Tuesday, October 28

There is no new reading for Tuesday, 10/28. Instead, I am asking you to review one of the text we have already read, and be prepared to TEACH us in class. You will be the expert in the room as we continue to build our knowledge maps of theory and practice.


1) Reread the text you are assigned below.

2) Pull 5 quotes that you think are significant to the main idea(s) of the article.

3) Review other people's blogs from that text, and pull 5 quotes/pics/videos from different blogs that help you explain the main ideas. (If your text wasn't a blog assignment, do a little google search on the text/author and see what you can find!)

4) Review class notes from that text.

5) Create a blog post on your blog that summarize the main idea, and includes the 5 quotes and 5 blog connections.

Johnson:  We must learn to say the words

Delpit:  Rules and Codes of Power
Mike, Ashley, Anthony, Emily, Branden, Cindy,

Kozol:  Racism and poverty are systemic problems, not individual ones

McIntosh:  Whiteness as an invisible privilege

Rodriguez:  Sacrificing private identity for public identity
Gianna, Alyssa

Collier:  Honor students’ first language skills
Lindsey, Karissa, Nathali, Megan, Jessica

Christensen:  Students need to find real ways to “talk back” and take action against oppression

Safe Spaces:  How is difference "expected, explored and embraced?"

Kahne and Westheimer: SL as charity or change