Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rodriguez, Aria

Rodriguez, Collier and Delpit all touch on similar issues but how do their central ARGUMENTS differ?

Giving up his Spanish took away some of his personal identity (PRIVATE IDENTITY).

Is this a cautionary tale?
The stories he tells show something is lost:  can't speak in depth with parents, doesn't have names for his parents anymore, misses the sound of spanish, loss of "conveniently private sounds", intimacy

In the end, he says the loss is NECESSARY.
"makes possible" --

Rodriguez wrote Hunger of Memory in 1982
R says you HAVE TO LEARN the rules and codes of power in order tobe successful.
D also says that you have to learn the rules and codes of power to be successful
Collier (2004) says 3. Don't teach in a way that seeks to eliminate the first language...

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